onsdag, november 30, 2005

rygter: Microsoft lancerer snart et "person-til-person køb og bytte "

Måske er vi lidt tideligt ude, men rygtet siger at microsoft snart vil lancerer en køb/bytte services baseret på person-til-person (social network) med navnet Fremont.Og det skulle være web 2.0 agtigt ....

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The service will be free to users, generating revenue for Microsoft through ads that will be placed next to listings, in the same way that ads currently appear beside standard Internet search results, Wiseman said.

Microsoft also plans to incorporate "Fremont" into many of its existing online offerings. People will be able to offer items for sale through their MSN Spaces weblogs or to the people on their MSN Messenger buddy lists, for example. (Those and several other MSN services are ultimately expected to take on the "Windows Live" name as part of Microsoft's new online initiative). Læs artiklen her

Eller følg sagen hos Techcrunch

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